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Our Services


Bathymetry and seabed data collection Acquisition, processing and production of mapping and bathymetric charts derived from: -    Coastal margins and shallow water environment data using airborne bathymetric LiDAR acquisition technology. -    On‐shore coastal zone mapping using airborne LiDAR, Inshore and offshore environments using ship‐borne hydrographic systems including sidescan sonar, multibeam / swath sounders and geophysical profilers .


Expert services

Provision of hydrographic solutions expertise for: the scoping, planning and management of surveys; capacity and capability building and development; marine mapping & charting and GIS consultancy and associated professional services.


Marine survey services

Detailed surveys of the seabed and coastal zone are a critical prerequisite for safe navigation,


  • Nautical charting
  • Coastal zone and marine environment management
  • Disaster prevention and recovery strategies
  • Effective inundation mapping
  • Cost‐effective design of marine civil engineering
  • Structures and informing environmental assessments
  • Planning seismic transition zone surveys and infrastructure landfalls.

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